Tax & Estate Planning

Tax planning should be at the heart of all your financial planning. And inheritance tax planning to protect your estate and pass it on to your loved ones should be central to that.

With rising house prices coupled with the Chancellor’s freeze on the inheritance tax nil rate band and main residence nil rate band (MRNB) until at least April 2026, more and more people are being caught in the inheritance tax (IHT) net.

Our financial advisers can help you to minimise the amount of IHT you have to pay and improve the amount received by your loved ones. This includes using the available exemptions to make financial gifts, the use of trusts, Business Relief and other tax-efficient ways to reduce or even remove your IHT liability. In this way you can help provide for your children and grandchildren’s futures.

Effective tax planning in general can make a significant difference to your financial position. It can help you achieve your financial objectives whilst minimising the amount you pay in tax, possibly saving you hundreds or even thousands of pounds every year and increasing your disposable income in the process.

With the UK’s complicated tax regime, tax planning is one of the most important parts of the financial planning process. Tax planning is a complex, tightly regulated and highly technical field. It affects almost all your financial decisions – from savings and investments, and planning for retirement, through to estate planning and making your will.

So, whether you are looking to reduce your income tax bill, save on Capital Gains Tax (CGT) or for IHT planning to reduce your IHT liability, we can help you.

For tax and estate planning advice, contact Kellands Cheltenham now.

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